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Over the last 30 years our diets have changed. Drastically. They’ve moved away from the incredible, nutritious foods that our surroundings provided us with and have been Americanized: highly processed, genetically modified and full of sugar, fat and salt.

This has resulted in 75% of the Middle East being overweight, 9% suffering from diabetes and 50% of all deaths the result of heart disease.

After I heard a good friend of mine was diagnosed with, and overcame MS, I started doing the research. Horrified to find that 1,000’s of others were suffering, I made it my mission to get this message out to you.

To your Mum, your daughter, your brother.

The good news is that because food causes so many diseases - changing the food we eat also reverses them.

It’s surprisingly simple.

We’re here to tell you that you have another option. It is not your genetics. You are not lazy. You are not born to be sick, overweight or embarassed of the body you live in.

Watch our Doctor-approved films, read our scientific-based articles and, if you want to join us, take the 21 day challenge for yourself.

Plan America isn’t working. Let’s try Plant B.

We can’t wait to meet you and join you on this journey - please share your story with us if you want to be featured on our website mail@plantb.tv

Bassem Youssef
Executive Producer and Host, Plant B

Bassem Youssef on set Plant B