Plant B

Plant B is a 20-episode web-series starring Dr. Bassem Youssef that explores the negative health impact that food is having in the Middle East. The episodes are split into:

6 Main Episodes

12-15 minute episodes that are scripted Arabic comedy.

Bassem stumbles upon a typical Egyptian family in Los Angeles. A seemingly harmless BBQ sparks a conversation about food that leads Bassem to introduce the family to doctors, celebrity influencers, nutritionists, professional athletes, and locals, to inspire audiences to think twice about the food they are eating. And learn the healthiest way to lose weight, and lower their risk of food-related illnesses.


Plant b Extra

14 Satellite Episodes

In these 7-10 minute episodes, Bassem explains nutritional fundamentals to provide more in-depth nutritional information, and answer questions that audiences will inevitably have. Each episode explains a specific nutritional concept, bringing in additional content from our experts and guest interviews.