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“We reversed chronic acne” - Nina and Randa Nelson

At the age of 20 Nina and Randa Nelson suddenly experienced chronic acne. They tried numerous products and procedures but nothing helped until they looked into Dr. Dougal’s work and decided to cut out oils from their diet; entirely eliminating their acne drug-free.


“I went from 167kg to 80kg” - Emad Shakar

After reading an article that Bassem Youssef shared back in 2016, Emad Shaker changed his diet to fully plant based and with it, lost almost 90kg! He says that going plant-based changed his life by changing his attitude towards food which he now loves more than ever.


“I am now free from Symptoms of MS” - Nadder Montassir

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Nader decided not to take the medication that was prescribed but to adopt a whole-food plant based diet. 50% of those diagnosed with MS are in a wheelchair in 5 years but Nadder is now living symptom free and inspiring others to follow in his footsteps with his detox retreats.


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