What to Expect When you go Plant based?


There are certainly challenges in changing something we do multiple times, every single day. However, if you keep your goal in mind and know the barriers you are likely to come across we believe this challenge can be an exciting and empowering one.

This is what you can expect to feel and experience in your 21 days of the plant-based challenge.


Lose weight

It’s likely that, if you follow this guide, you will lose weight1 without counting calories or restricting your eating. People who switch to this diet often find themselves losing 10lbs without trying and hundreds of others have lost up to 100lbs by switching to whole, plant-based foods

Your cravings change

Miraculously, as the food you eat changes, so too do your taste buds. It might surprise you that as you progress through the challenge you start to taste simple foods in different ways. You might start to enjoy coriander, crave tomatoes or find a distate for sugar as you appreciate the taste of tea.

You might feel gassy or bloated

In the early days of a vegan diet you can expect symptoms like gas and bloating

as your body adapts to the increased quantity of fiber you’re consuming which changes the bacterial makeup of your gut. This will take time to adjust and can be viewed as a part of the body’s detoxification process.

More energy

By focussing on whole, plant-based foods you will avoid sugar spikes and crashes and the burden on your body of digesting meat. Together, this will result in increased levels of physical and mental energy

Glowing Skin

Likely as a result of shifting to unprocessed plant-based fats (such as nuts and avocados) and away from saturated fats in dairy and meat and also avoiding the hormones found in chicken, meat and dairy, you might notice significant changes in your skin


You’ll start to become more interested in nutrition and vitamin deficiencies that are affecting our nation and hopefully you’ll start taking Omega-3 and B12 supplements. Large proportions of those who eat meat also suffer from these deficiencies so don’t let this put you off, you can buy these supplements inexpensively.