Tahina Sauce



  • 1/4 cup tahini

  • 1/4 warm water

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 1/2 tbsp vinegar

  • 1 lime

  • 1 garlic

  • pinch of chilli powder

  • pinch of cumin

  • salt to taste

Optional: replace the water with fresh orange juice.

Optional colors:

  • To make yellow tahina, add 1 tsp of turmeric to the previous recipe.

  • To make pink tahina, replace the water in the previous recipe with beetroot juice*

  • To make green tahina, you can blend it with herbs, but only if you are making a big batch. It combines very well with fresh basil and coriander.

*To make beetroot juice, you don’t need a juicer – you can also just grate beetroot and use a sieve to squeeze the juice out.


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until smooth.

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Meet Our Guest Writer…

Yasmine Nazmy is a young French-Egyptian food lover and creator of unique healthy recipes. With a background in arts and environmental engineering, she founded a restaurant in 2014 with a friend: The Vegan Kitchen. It was Egypt’s first vegan and organic restaurant, serving delicious food free of sugar and gluten. A year later, she expanded her horizons and started a catering service named Earthly Delights, following the same trend of healthy plant-based cuisine. Shortly after, she founded KAJU, a line of raw vegan products such as ice cream and cheese. Her creations were then available to be ordered online, and later on in stores; her aim was to make healthy natural food accessible to people all over the country. Over the years, she taught numerous cooking workshops across the capital, and also helped people transition to a plant-based diet and lose weight in a sustainable manner. In 2017, she released her cookbook Happy Belly with over 100 healthy plant-based recipes. Then in 2018 she co-developed a therapy tool with her mother to help people improve their self-perception, as she believes a positive body image and self-love is the first step required to have a healthy relationship with food. She is now starting to spread this message through talks, consultations and workshops.

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